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Public Programs


"Time of Transition" — July 3–8, 2016 — Hollyhock, Cortes Island, Canada

"Embracing the Human and Divine Within Us" — July 8–13, 2016 — Hollyhock, Cortes Island, Canada

Pilgrimage: "Journey To Nepal" — October 19–30, 2016 — Nepal

Sufi Camp in Mexico — January 7–14, 2017 — near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"Archetypal Dimensions of Spiritual Guidance" — begins January 19–22, 2017 — Ann Arbor, MI USA

"The Alchemy of Transformation" — begins January 28–29, 2017 — Seattle, WA USA

"Core Training: The Art of Spiritual Guidance" — begins September, 2017 — Hamburg, GERMANY

Pilgrimage: "The Garden of the Soul and Its Seasons" — November 3–8, 2017 — Coromandel, New Zealand

"Gathering of the International Spiritual Guidance Wisdom School" — March 1–4, 2018 — Oaxaca, Mexico

"Oaxaca Pilgrimage" — March 5–11, 2018 — Oaxaca, Mexico

Pilgrimage to Brazil, 2018

On-Line Teachings

Audio recordings and printed material from Atum's writings and workshops
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Currently available:

"Field of Consciousness in a Spiritual Guidance Relationship"
An 87 page book (pdf format), combined with Atums presentation: "Constellation of Archetypes in the Field of Spiritual Guidance" recorded in 2007 at the Boulder gathering of the International Spiritual Guidance Community (
mp3 format).

"International Gathering of the Spiritual Guidance Community, Los Gatos CA, April 21-24, 2011"
Recordings featuring Atum’s program on "the Four Worlds of Soul", and a presentation by Frances Vaughan (mp3 format).

Also available:

The Good Seeds Cards
The Good Seeds Cards have been created to accompany Atum's "Good Seeds Rosary Prayer Beads For A New Consciousness" program. They are not available to the general public. The proceeds of each set will go to the Emergency Feeding Program of Seattle. Each card carries an image rich in color and association. On the back of each of the forty cards is one of Atum's seed quotes. Cost: $30.00 U.S. How to order: By email through Jana Legat,

Atum O’Kane: In the Garden of Well-Being


The Deeper Story

“The Resurrection of a Symbol: A Dark Brown Earth-Christ”

Thomas Atum O'Kane

Skinned Christ

This past Easter I was in Bhutan surrounded by incredible sacred Buddhist images and blessed by the people who radiate an atmosphere of loving kindness. Still my heart remembered the vision of Christ I saw in Brasillia, the capital of Brazil, some years ago. St Teresa of Avilla was deeply awakened to her mystical path by passing a familiar statue of Christ on the cross. One day, the statue came alive for her and revealed the profound depths of forgiveness. For me it was a cross with a life-size Christ made out of dark brown wood. As I looked at the face a door opened for me revealing the global suffering of brown- skinned people from discrimination, diminishment and poverty. As a concept I was aware of the plight of brown- skinned people but now it became a reality of the heart...

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