What the Soul of the World Needs Most

Thomas Atum O'Kane

During the early part of the New Year, I was awakened three times in one night by a recurring dream. I heard a voice clearly directing me to ask the soul of the world what it needs most. I also saw the phrase in the written form. The third dream revealed a symbolic answer. As the dreamer I was very aware of the deep blue ink that was used to write the repeating question. Upon awakening the color showed itself as an expression of deep divine peace. Not a pleasant easy bliss, but a peace that is the greatest power, for nothing can disturb it and all things can be absorbed into it.

In the time that has unfolded since that evening, I have understood what the dream is asking of me and others on the spiritual path. Everywhere the world is in major transition. The levels of intense anger, confusion, conflict, chaos, polarization and especially fear are increasing. The uncertainly of the dying of old forms and myths, ways and identities, is pervading many countries and cultures. The emerging consciousness and myth have not fully coalesced and become embodied into new organic structures, so desperately needed. We are living in the "in-between time," experiencing both death and pregnancy.

Individually we can remember our fear and anxiety in times of our own passages. Imagine that amplified by billions of people and then magnified and distorted by different forms of media hype.

Those of us on the spiritual path are asked to hold a center of deep peace so humanity's connection to the Soul of the World can be sustained during this period of major fragmentation. Throughout the day, returning to an underlying profound peace, beyond the disturbances of life circumstances, benefits not only ourselves but also the Soul of the World.

Recently in Jerusalem I heard a beautiful teaching attributed to a Franciscan, whose name I do not know. The following is a soulful practice of remembrance:

"If you live a life always focusing on the problems, then you will never get to the Mystery.

If you live a life centered on The Mystery, your problems will find their resolutions."

At the core of The Mystery is the all-powerful peace that passeth understanding. It is the safeguard that counterbalances what Jung saw as the cause of great destruction in the history of the world. He warned of the danger of groups of people becoming unconscious as they are swept into the blind possession of an emotion like fear or anger.

May each of us hear and honor the urgent call of the Soul of the World and offer her our moments of eternal peace.